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Local Nursing Homes Fined

In recent news, it has been revealed that three nursing homes in central Illinois areas have been fined by the State of Illinois for violating their license agreements. The nursing home facilities that were fined include Gardenview Manor in Danville, University Rehab in Urbana, and Accolade Paxton Senior Living in Paxton. The violations were made… Read More

What To Do If You Suspect Nursing Home Abuse

Nursing home abuse is an ongoing issue within long-term care facilities, and a recent article from the Los Angeles Times calls attention to this problem and why people should be concerned. There have been numerous accounts of reported abuse at nursing homes, but according to the article, this information has been kept from the public by… Read More

Nursing home facility facing fine after overdoses

A Chicago nursing home facility is being sought by state and federal authorities to pay a penalty of over $100,000 due to allegations of residents overdosing on heroin last February, the Chicago Tribune reported on November 13. According to reports, at least five elderly residents of “Continental Nursing & Rehabilitation Center” needed hospital treatment due… Read More

Nursing homes will have cameras in new Illinois law

Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner approved a law that will allow nursing homes to install cameras in their facilities, an article from Fox 2 reported. Reports said HB2462 is expected to start in January 2016 to help curb incidents of abuse and negligence that take place in nursing home facilities. Under the new law, nursing home… Read More

Illinois authorities investigating nursing home mistreatment

In response to a complaint that a woman’s mother was experiencing abuse within an Illinois nursing home, Alton Police and the Illinois Department of Public Health are conducting an investigation into the facility, the Telegraph reported on December 23. According to reports, Carol Frederick’s 93-year-old mother suffered injuries inflicted by two Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA). Frederick, 72,… Read More

Proposed Law to Allow Video and Audio Monitoring In Illinois Nursing Homes

On Monday, Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan announced a proposed law that would allow families to install video and audio capturing devices in their relatives’ nursing home rooms. While there is currently no law explicitly banning the practice, the proposed law would obligate all nursing home facilities in Illinois to allow families to monitor their… Read More