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Danville Medication Error Attorneys

While nursing homes provide a critical service to the aging residents of Danville, instances of abuse and negligence occur with disturbing regularity in these facilities. Among the most potentially life-threatening situations are those in which the medications administered to residents, under the care of nursing home staff, are incorrect. As the Danville medication error attorneys at Spiros Law, P.C., know, the effects of a medication error can be devastating and, sadly, sometime fatal.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a Danville nursing home after being administered the wrong or medication or dosage, our Danville legal team may help you hold the nursing home responsible for their negligence.

Dangerous Effects of Medication Error

Nursing home staff members, who are often overworked and understaffed, occasionally administer the wrong medication to patients or, when it is the correct medication, administer the wrong dosage. The effect of these errors can be altogether devastating for one or more of the following reasons:

  • Possible dangerous drug interactions
  • Possible overdose, especially in regards to opiates
  • Risks associated with missing a scheduled dosage

Medication errors can result in quickly deteriorating health conditions in the elderly, who are often already in a delicate state of health. Whatever the circumstances, medication errors are unacceptable in Danville nursing homes, and our legal team works tirelessly to hold negligent nursing homes responsible for their actions.

Consult with a Danville Medication Error Attorney

At Spiros Law, P.C., our Danville medication error attorneys are committed to holding nursing home facilities and their staff financially accountable for any negligence or recklessness. To discuss the particular circumstances of your situation with one of our Danville nursing home abuse attorneys, please call our offices at (217) 443-4343 today.