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Spiros Law is proud to sponsor Culture Shock Danville

This year, Spiros Law has joined other local businesses in proud sponsorship of the three-day music fest, Culture Shock Danville. The festival will take place September 22-24, and will feature amazing bands, craft and art vendors, and food vendors for festivalgoers to enjoy. Bands that will be taking the stage at the festival include The Main Squeeze, Matthew Curry, Steady Flow, The Werks, The Royal Hounds, and many, many others. Visit the festival’s Facebook page for a longer list of acts that will be appearing. The finalized lineup and times have not been released yet, but check the festival’s official page, CultureshockDanville.com in the coming week for more details.

The three-day festival promises to provide family-friendly fun for people of all ages, and the best part is, admission is free!

The entire team at Spiros Law is excited to sponsor this great event and enjoy some great entertainment with our neighbors here in the Danville community.

AAJ Webinar Set to Feature Spiros Law Attorney Miranda Soucie

The American Association for Justice has scheduled a talk on August 22 that is set to be hosted by the Motor Vehicle Collision, Highway, and Premises Liability Section, and features four speakers including one of Spiros Law’s own: Miranda Soucie. She will be joining Ken Levinson, Mike Neff, and Dan Chamberlain in a discussion about preparing a discovery and preparing yourself and your client for 30(b)(6) depositions. The name of the webinar is Slip & Fall Webinar Series Part III: Discovery & Deposition Tactics and will begin at 2:00 pm on Tuesday for those of you in the Eastern Time Zone.

Updated Story: Death of nursing home resident likely the result of “systemic issues” at Good Shepherd Manor

Daily Journal/Tiffany Blanchette

Following the death of a 69-year-old man who was a resident at Good Shepherd Manor nursing home in Moment, the Illinois Department of Public Health released a report citing “systemic issues” at the home. The report faults the elder care facility for the man’s death from heat stroke after being left in a facility van after a group shopping trip.

Investigators cited Good Shepherd’s violations of the group’s own policies, including a policy prohibiting outdoor activities when the outside temperature exceeds 90 degrees (the temperature the day in question was 92.7 degrees, according to reports), as well as the fact that only one individual in the group of thirteen was authorized to go on the shopping trip. According to the story in The Daily Journal:

“Ultimately, the report concludes that “based on review and interview the governing body and management failed to provide facility operating direction and oversight resulting in systemic issues affecting all 15 individuals who reside at the facility.” It adds: “The facility failed to develop and implement policies and procedures documenting protocols to ensure the safety of residents when participating in community outings.”

The proper care of elderly family members and friends is a responsibility that should not be taken lightly. When elder care facilities fail to follow their own policies and procedures, residents may suffer unnecessarily. We will continue to monitor and report on this continuing story. For more information, contact the attorneys of Spiros Law, P.C. today at (217) 443-4343 or check back on our blog for updates.

Alleged violations lead to $50,000 fines for two Danville nursing homes

Danville Care Center and Gardenview Manor, two nursing homes in the Danville area, were both cited with Type AA violations and have each been fined $50,000 in connection to alleged violations that led to resident deaths. This information was released this week by the Illinois Department of Public Health in its first quarter nursing home violation report.

Type AA violations are given “when there is a condition or occurrence at a facility that proximately caused a resident’s death”. This violation is the third in four consecutive months for Gardenview Manor, a 213-bed facility located at 14792 Catlin-Tilton Road in Danville. Authorities say the facility failed to properly assess a particular resident’s risk for falls and serious injury and institute the correct safeguards accordingly. The resident suffered a serious fall that resulted in serious injuries that led to the individual’s unfortunate death.

The other facility, Danville Care Center, received the Type AA violation in March. The facility failed to “honor a resident’s Advanced Directive and provide cardiopulmonary resuscitation when the resident was found unresponsive.” According to the News Gazette story, the facility has requested a hearing.

At Spiros Law, we believe that the elderly should be treated with the utmost care and compassion at all times. When we place our loved ones in the care of an elder care facility, we have a reasonable expectation that our loved ones will be tended to and cared for with respect and dignity. Failure to safeguard the health and well-being of a parent or grandparent is unacceptable. If your loved one has suffered injury or worse due to the negligent actions of a caregiver or facility, do not hesitate to contact us immediately to discuss your rights and the actions you may take to hold them accountable.

Various Palmer Candy chocolate products recalled due to salmonella risk

Iowa-based food manufacturer, Palmer Candy Company, voluntarily recalled some of their products after being notified that one of the ingredients used may possibly have hazardous salmonella bacteria, a January 9 article of the U.S. Food & Drug Administration stated.

In the recall article published by the FDA, Palmer Candy issued the recall after a supplier informed them that the powdered milk used in the affected chocolate candies may be contaminated with salmonella bacteria. Though there were no contamination incidents have been reported, federal authorities told reports that accidentally consuming food with salmonella may lead to serious or fatal illnesses that most often affect children, older adults, or people who have a very weak immune system. Consumers were advised to dispose the recalled chocolates or bring it to the store where they bought it to get a full refund.

The Danville attorneys at Spiros Law, P.C., strongly believe that families who have to deal with a great financial loss when their loved one suffer illnesses as a result of consuming potentially dangerous food products should be rightfully compensated. If you think this has happened to you, call our office today at (217) 443-4343 to find out how we may help you pursue damage claims against negligent parties.

Thousands of baby strollers with injury risks recalled

A recall on December 20 was issued on about 29,400 strollers sold nationwide after the manufacturer received reports of a design flaw that may cause injuries to adults and babies, an article of the CPSC reported.

Five models of “Qbit” baby strollers are equipped with a potentially faulty folding component that could inflict injuries on adults operating it. As the recall explained, the folding hinges have a space that could trap or pinch a person’s hand. The folding mechanism of the recalled strollers could also suddenly collapse, resulting in babies suffering from fall injuries. Complaints also revealed some injuries required stitches. Aria Child Inc. and federal authorities advise consumers to refrain from using the strollers and coordinate with the recalling company for a free product replacement.

The attorneys of Spiros Law, P.C., represent families in Danville who have been injured by potentially dangerous products. We strongly believe that victims of such accidents should be compensated by negligent parties. Find out how we could help you obtain compensations by calling (217) 443-4343.

3 dead and 1 hurt in Illinois head-on accident

Police in Illinois recently confirmed three people were killed and another is in critical condition after they were involved in a two-vehicle accident on Highway 158, an article of Fox 2 Now reported on December 9.

According to reports, an SUV slammed head-on into a pickup truck after it crossed the median line. The SUV driver and two passengers in the pickup were killed in the crash, while a Twitter post from Andy Banker said one person is in critical condition. Nearby residents told reports that the “S” Curve portion of the road where the accident happened was hazardous to motorists. Though police are still determining the cause of the crash, they sternly advised motorists to be more careful when traveling on Highway 158.

The wrongful death attorneys at Spiros Law, P.C., in Danville understand that families often find themselves struggling after losing a loved one in a car accident. Our deepest thoughts go out to the people who were affected by the recent tragedy.

Personal injury complaints spark recall on thousands of Ford vehicles

After receiving notification of accidents that resulted in personal injuries, American automaker Ford Motor Co. issued a recall covering over 680,000 vehicles in the U.S. and other countries, a December 2 article of USA Today reported.

According to reports, some models of Lincoln MKZ, Mondeo, and Fusion may have poorly made seat belts that might not properly restrain vehicle occupants in emergency situations. In the report, the manufacturer said two personal injuries resulted from accidents involving the recalled vehicles. Apparently, the seat belts could fail as a result of overheating that deteriorates the pretensioner cables. The majority of the recalled vehicles were in the U.S. and some were sold in Mexico, Canada, and in other countries. Ford dealers will notify owners of the recalled vehicles for the strengthening of the seat belt cable pretensioners.

The lawyers at the Spiros Law, P.C. understand many people in Danville seriously suffer as a result of driving hazardous vehicles. If you were injured as a result of your vehicle, we can offer you legal assistance to help you pursue damage claims against negligent parties. Call us today at (217) 443-4343 to find out how we can help you recover your loss.

Skokie semi truck crash left two with critical injuries

A collision between a semi tractor-trailer and an SUV in Skokie, Illinois on November 17 left two persons with critical injuries, a report for Chicago 5 stated.

In the information provided by Skokie authorities, a semi truck tipped on its side at 3:51 a.m. in the 4200 block of Golf Road after it had collided with the vehicle. Responding authorities have confirmed that two persons were brought to Evanston Hospital due to critical injuries, but they did not release any information regarding the identities of all the persons involved in the mishap. Authorities, as of the report, have closed the crash area while investigating the incident. Skokie police were urging the public to coordinate with them if they have witnessed the crash.

Vehicular accidents involving semi trucks are catastrophic in nature, leaving many families struggling. If this sounds like a situation you’ve found yourself in, enlisting a skilled legal team is critical, especially if you believe that negligent parties are involved. Call the Danville legal team of the Spiros Law, P.C., today at (217) 443-4343 to find out how we may possibly help you recover your loss.

Pet supply retail to settle $4.25M fine after fishbowl recall

Pet supply retailer PetSmart Inc. is expected to settle $4.25 million worth of civil penalty imposed by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) over allegations that they were negligent in providing the accurate data involving their defective fishbowls, a November 14 article on the cpsc.gov website reported.

According to reports, the Arizona-based pet retail chain had failed in providing information in a timely manner involving their potentially dangerous fishbowls. At least two models of PetSmart fish bowls have been recalled after receiving complaints that they may suddenly break. The recall initially covered 10,200 fishbowls, however, the company was forced to include more than eight times that number in a broadened recall. The recall was issued after 19 consumers complained that the fish bowls break, and included 12 personal injuries. The injuries, which included laceration, were found out to be serious and required surgery to be treated. Federal authorities are expecting that PetSmart will coordinate with them to ensure product safety.

Expensive hospitalizations, unfortunately, are often the result when consumers suffer injuries from using defective products. However, if you or a loved one is in such situation in Danville, the legal team of Spiros Law, P.C., may represent you. Find out how we may possibly help you get treatment funds from negligent parties by calling (217) 443-4343.