The state police issued a statement that the incident occurred around 5am when the GMC Envoy, which was traveling north on Illinois 1 just south of Vermilion County Road 4000 North, had its front passenger-side tire go flat. The flat tire caused the vehicle to go off the road to the left. The GMC Envoy then hit a ditch and rolled multiple times, ejecting the driver and his passenger, who was also a Hoopestong resident. State police reported that the driver was killed, while Welch was taken to a regional hospital with life-threatening injuries. The accident remains under investigation by state police as well as the Vermilion County Coroner’s Office.

While there are many ways to attempt to protect yourself and others from a car crash, sometimes there is nothing you can do to prevent it. Sometimes, another vehicle crashes into yours regardless of if you did everything you could to prevent it or there is a defect such as a flat tire. When this is the case, you need someone on your side to fight for your right to proper compensation to make up for any physical or emotional damages you suffered.

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