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Nursing homes will have cameras in new Illinois law

Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner approved a law that will allow nursing homes to install cameras in their facilities, an article from Fox 2 reported.

Reports said HB2462 is expected to start in January 2016 to help curb incidents of abuse and negligence that take place in nursing home facilities. Under the new law, nursing home residents or their family members are given an option to have video cameras capable of recording sounds to be installed in their rooms. A supporter of the law, Attorney General Lisa Madigan stated that families whose loved ones are inside nursing homes will have peace of mind. Installation of such recording devices is expected to protect nursing home residents, Madigan also said. Every year approximately 5,000 nursing home-related complaints are being handled by the Illinois Department of Health and in 2013 at least 106 cases of negligence and abuses were confirmed by the department.

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