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Danville Brain and Spinal Damage Attorneys

Neurological damage resulting from birth injury can be devastating to a newborn’s health, and can be a very difficult outcome for parents and other family members to cope with. It can be especially hard to know that an injury to a baby’s brain or spine can have lifelong consequences. Trauma to a newborn’s brain can have especially serious repercussions, as it prevents the brain from developing normally. If a baby’s spine is injured at birth, there can also be lasting health concerns. Spinal birth injuries usually occur if the baby is excessively pulled or twisted during birth.

The Danville brain and spinal damage attorneys of Spiros Law, P.C., understand how such an injury can be emotionally difficult and bring up concern for a baby’s well-being throughout his or her life. If such an injury was caused by the negligence of a doctor or other healthcare worker, the responsible parties should be held accountable for their actions. Contact us at (217) 443-4343 today.

Causes of Brain and Spinal Damage Birth Injuries

There are many ways in which a healthcare worker helping to deliver your baby can cause brain or spinal damage through irresponsible, negligent actions. These include:

  • Using improper or excessive force with the baby
  • Using instruments that have not been properly sterilized
  • Not reacting quickly to emergencies during labor
  • Misusing medications that induce labor
  • Improper use of tools such as forceps

There are other ways that a healthcare worker could cause harm to your baby through negligence. If you are unsure if a healthcare worker contributed to your baby’s brain or spinal damage, contact a qualified birth injury lawyer today.

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If you believe that any of these items, or any other negligent actions occurred during the delivery of your child, and he or she is now dealing with a brain or spinal injury, contact the Danville brain and spinal damage attorneys of Spiros Law, P.C., at (217) 443-4343 today.