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High levels of legionella bacteria detected in three schools in Elgin

All students from three different schools in Elgin recently were evacuated after excessive levels of legionella bacteria were detected in the air conditioning systems of the schools, an article from ABC 7 reported on September 23.

School District U-46 CEO Tony Sanders reportedly ordered the immediate closure of Central Office/Gifford Street High School, Larkin High, and Eastview Middle School. Students from the affected schools were transported to other areas for their parents to pick them up. On the official Facebook page of School District U-46, Sanders stated that the bacterial contamination was discovered in the cooling towers during the yearly air quality testing in the schools. It is not clear if there were students, school staff, or teachers who became ill from bacterial exposure. People who are exposed to legionella bacteria may suffer from “Legionnaire’s disease” and may experience symptoms including breathing problems, head and body aches, and high fever.

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