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Ford Motor Co. announces recall of over 500,000 vehicles

The Ford Motor Co. has announced the recall of over 500,000 vehicles for two different issues. First is the 2001-02 Ford Escapes and the other are the 2004-05 models of the Ford Freestar and Mercury Monterrey minivans.

The Ford Escape vehicles have been recalled because of issues with an electrical connection and the brake module. The brake fluid could leak onto the ABS module and cause corrosion. This may then cause sparks, smoke or even a fire.

Those who have this vehicle are urged to return it to the dealer to have the part replaced. Issues with this vehicle date back to April 2007. Officials are concerned that the parts may be back ordered for some time.

The minivans have been recalled because of a defective torque converter that caused the motor to lose power. The car can still be steered with the loss of power, but it does increase the chance of an accident occurring.

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