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How can Spiros Law, P.C. simplify the process of dealing with insurance companies?

In the aftermath of any injury accident, victims have a lot to deal with. Getting medical treatment and recuperating should be your primary focus, but you’ll also be forced to deal with insurance company representatives, usually from your own carrier and the other party’s insurance company.

Dealing with calls and requests from insurance company representatives can be overwhelming when you’re trying to focus on your recovery, but having an experienced attorney from Spiros Law, P.C. on your side can help alleviate stress and simplify the process significantly.

Your attorney will immediately step in and handle all calls from insurance company representatives and will provide any materials that are requested. They will review the policies and determine what coverage is available to you. Once you understand what coverage you have, you can make informed choices regarding the medical treatment you seek, among other crucial decisions.

When it comes to negotiating a settlement from another party’s insurer for your injuries, your lawyer will once again take the lead.  Our team will conduct a thorough investigation into your accident, evaluate the extent of your injuries, consult with medical and financial experts, and determine the impact of the accident on your life now and in the future. Once all of the factors have been accounted for, your attorney can send a demand letter requesting payment for the harm you’ve suffered and losses you’ve incurred.

You’ll quickly find that having an attorney with experience dealing with insurance companies is crucial if you’ve been severely injured in an accident. Without a lawyer on your side representing your best interests, you could be tricked or bullied into accepting a lowball settlement offer, or might find yourself left with nothing at all.

The insurance company representatives are trained to save the company money by:

  • Encouraging accident victims not to hire a lawyer to represent them
  • Shifting blame to another party or onto the victim themselves
  • Using recorded calls and statements to trick the claimant into harming their claim
  • Denying or diminishing valid injury claims for any reason they can provide
  • Offering quick settlements to get the client to accept and relinquish their claim for far less money than they’re owed

Don’t let these companies put the pursuit of profits over your health and financial well-being. An experienced injury attorney like those at Spiros Law will be familiar with the tactics these companies employ, and we’ll be there to keep them honest.

As a policyholder, you’ve paid your insurance company monthly premiums in good faith, trusting that you’ll be taken care of according to the coverage you’ve purchased. We’ll make sure they honor it. When seeking compensation from someone else’s insurance provider, we’ll build the strongest possible claim for you and we’ll account for all of your current and future expenses associated with the accident. We want to make sure that you don’t pay out of pocket for an accident that was not your fault.

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If you’ve been hurt in an accident, don’t let insurance company representatives take advantage of you. Turn to a knowledgeable Danville injury attorney at Spiros Law, P.C. for help. We’ll be ready to help you understand the coverage available to you and make sure the companies honor their commitments. Call us today at (217) 443-4343 to schedule a free consultation to discuss the specifics of your case today.