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CPSC investigating fire incidents linked to hoverboards

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission reported on December 16 that federal authorities are investigating incidents of fires associated with hoverboards in an effort to determine the cause and protect consumers.

According to reports, CPSC officials were notified of dozens of injury complaints associated with the new hoverboard devices. These toys are similar to skateboards in appearance and function, but pose a serious risk of broken bones, lacerations, and other injuries associated with falls. Officials recommend taking precautions when using these hoverboards to avoid injury.

Additionally, experts from the CPSC are also looking for answers as to why these hoverboards are catching fire, as there have been a number of reports of this occurring while the devices are charging or in use. Consumers who have bought hoverboards or those who are expecting to receive hoverboards as gifts this holiday season should be aware of the CPSC’s list of safety tips.

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