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Company ordered to settle $152K after fatal construction accident

A subcontractor of the Jane Addams Tollway based in Elgin, Illinois was ordered to settle a suit of $152,000 after a worker got killed in an accident last April, an October 18 article of Chicago Tribune reported.

Aside from the fine imposed, a citation was also given by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to Omega Demolition Corp. after Vicente Santoyo, 47, was fatally pinned by a 45-ton beam that collapsed. Santoyo, who was an employee of Omega Demolition, was part of a team working on a bridge on Interstate 90 when the accident happened. OSHA findings revealed that Santoyo’s death could have been avoided if the company complied with safety standards. Three coworkers of Santoyo were injured in the accident. Reports revealed that Omega Demolition was previously cited by OSHA for violating safety standards.

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