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Preventable Hospital Illnesses

Doctors, nurses, and other hospital staff members should be fully dedicated to the health and well-being of each patient. However, with the sheer amount of people and illnesses present in any given hospital, this is not always the case. Many times, patients do not get the full extent of care they truly need to get better and they often suffer from further illnesses and injuries that could have been prevented. Fortunately, there are steps that the family and friends of hospital patients can take to help see that their loved ones do not suffer from preventable hazards:

  • Bring antibacterial wipes and wipe down all surfaces including bed rails, phones, remotes, trays, and bedside tables.
  • Clean the patients’ teeth and nails, necessary jobs that hospital staff may not have time to perform thoroughly.
  • To prevent bed sores and pressure wounds, help the patient change positions each hour and put cream on vulnerable spots. If the sores continue to be a problem, request an air mattress.
  • To help prevent prescription errors, bring a medical dictionary with you to the hospital and look up each of the medications that your loved one is prescribed. If you notice any possible errors or complications, alert a doctor or nurse immediately.
  • Keep a record of who enters and exits the hospital room each day, what they say and do, what the patient says, and how the patient feels. Doctors and nurses don’t know your loved one like you do, and you may be able to better understand how the patient is feeling and whether or not they are comfortable with particular situations.

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