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Premises Liability and Non-Functional Fire Alarms

A property owner has a responsibility to maintain certain safety standards. Anyone who visits the property should be able to expect that they will be safe from needless risk of potential harm or injury. Fire constitutes a clear and present danger to guests when it breaks out while they are at a property that is not their own, particularly if they are unfamiliar with their surroundings. When a fire or smoke alarm fails to alert a building’s occupants to the presence of a possible fire, the owner may bear liability for the consequences due to his or her failure to ensure that all fire detection equipment was properly functioning.

If you have been hurt due to smoke inhalation or other fire-related dangers which could have been avoided were the smoke detectors or fire alarms properly functioning, legal action may be appropriate. You might be able to recover financial compensation for medical bills and other damages. Contact the Danville fire attorneys of Spiros Law, P.C., by calling (217) 443-4343 today.

Reasons for Non-Functional Alarms

There are many reasons that fire detection equipment could fail to perform its essential tasks when most needed. Here are a few examples that may be attributable to the negligence of the property owner:

  • No batteries or old batteries
  • Faulty wiring
  • Clogged or obstructed sensors
  • Manually deactivated
  • Installed in an inappropriate location
  • Broken or worn from age

Whatever the cause, you should not be left to bear the grim consequences of a property owner’s failure to uphold their legal responsibility to avoid creating a hazardous environment for those who enter their property.

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Do not hesitate to speak with a skilled and experienced attorney if you or your loved one has been hurt in a fire on another party’s property due to the failure of essential alert systems. Contact the Danville premises liability lawyers of Spiros Law, P.C., at (217) 443-4343.