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Chicago doctor treats patients with cat saliva and vodka

Authorities in Illinois recently found that a Chicago children’s doctor was creating vaccines out of cat saliva and vodka to treat his patients, an article of Health Aim reported on October 4. Reports said health care providers filed a medical malpractice complaint against Doctor Ming Te Lin, alleging that he was making his own version of… Read More

Doctors work while ill despite knowing hazards

A lot of medical practitioners in the U.S. admitted to going to work while ill, even while understanding the risk this may pose to patients, Reuters reported on June 6. In the 536 children hospital medical practitioners surveyed, 83 percent stated that they reported to work in 2014 even when they were ill, although over 95 percent of… Read More

CVS Pharmacy mistake costs man his eyesight

A lawsuit has recently been filed against CVS Pharmacy after a mistakenly dispensed medication costed a man his eyesight. The lawsuit against CVS was filed by Houston resident Claudis Alston, 65, claiming he lost sight in his left eye after administering the medication that CVS had dispensed to treat his eye infection, otherwise known as… Read More