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Surface Pro power cords recalled in the US due to fire risk

On February 2, Microsoft issued a product recall for millions of Surface Pro power cords in the U.S. and Canada due to a potential risk of injury or fire caused by overheating. The recall was announced on the Consumer Product Safety Commission website with additional details for consumers.

The AC power cords came packaged with the Surface Pro 2 and Surface Pro 3 models. These products may reportedly emit excessive heat and eventually catch fire while in operations. The majority of the recalled power cords were found in the U.S., with an estimated 190,000 being recalled in Canada.

Microsoft issued the recall after being notified of 56 incidents of overheating and fire, where five consumers sustained electrical shock injuries. Also included in the recall are the power cords in the Surface Pro power supply units that can be bought separately. Consumers who possess the affected power cords were told to stop using them and contact Microsoft to get a free replacement.

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Honda expands Takata recall

On March 19, Honda  stated that they are adding 104,871 vehicles to their Takata airbag recall, an article of USA Today reported.

This is the latest wave of Takata airbag recalls, which now include 2008 Pilot SUVs, 2004 Civics, and 2001 Accords. These primarily affect the driver side airbags, which is a deviation from the previous focus on the passenger side airbags. Several deaths have been attributed to these airbags exploding and ejecting shrapnel on impact. The problem was previously thought to only affect vehicles registered in humid areas of the United States, but the recall was expanded, and continues to expand, to other regions and models as investigators gather more information.

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Thousands of infant mattresses recalled in the US

Some 169,000 infant mattresses in the US are being recalled by Ikea due to potential hazards that it can cause to babies, ksn.com reported on January 20.

The recall affects the mattresses of several IKEA crib models. Reports said the company issued the recall after they were notified of two incidents of babies getting trapped by the end of the mattress and the crib panel. The babies, according to IKEA, did not sustained injuries from being trapped. Company spokesperson Daniela Rogosic explained that the recalled mattresses were manufactured too short, creating a gap on the crib that may possibly trapped its intended users.

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Chrysler added over 200K vehicles to their airbag recall

Chrysler stated that they are recalling 208,783 more vehicles in the U.S. equipped with defective Takata airbags, The Detroit News on December 12 stated.

Chrysler is nowrecalling an estimated 617,000 vehicles. The decision to widen the recall was established on December 11 after pressure from the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration (NHTSA). Initially limited to high-humidity regions like Florida and Puerto Rico, Chrysler is now expanding their recall as far west as Texas. New reports reveal that humidity may affect the compound used to inflate the airbags, causing them to deploy too forcefully and expel shrapnel.

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US Senator urge NHTSA to address vehicles with faulty airbags

Bill Nelson, U.S. Senator and member of the Senate Commerce Committee, is urging the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration (NHTSA) to take more widespread action to address defective airbags that affect million of vehicles, Bradenton Herald reported on October 21.

Reports said Senator Bill Nelson (D-Orlando) asked NHTSA’s David Friedman to push millions of people who owned vehicles with Takata airbags to have their vehicles immediately fixed. The senator is requesting a dedicated website be set up for easy access to recall information and for loaner cars to be made available during the time it takes to repair the vehicle. One person has already died from the airbag malfunction in Florida this month.

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Nearly 6M HP power cords recalled

An estimated 5.6 million faulty laptop power cords supplied by Hewlett-Packard (HP) are being recalled in the U.S. and Canada due to fire risks, an article in International Business Times stated on August 28.

HP issued a voluntary recall of the potentially hazardous cords after the federal commission on product safety was notified of 29 incidents of power cords overheating. The overheating resulted in two incidents of minor injuries and 13 incidents of minimal property damage. Consumers who may have bought the laptops with power cords labelled “LS-15” should discontinue use immediately and call HP for a replacement. You can find out more detailed recall information on HP’s website by clicked here.

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Bed handles recalled after three deaths

Hundreds of thousands of adult bed handles are being  recalled by Bed Handles Inc. after the product was linked to three deaths, an article by the Kansas City Star reported on May 20.

Bed Handles Inc. is recalling 113,000 bed handles sold from 1994 to 2007 after three women reportedly died from becoming trapped by the handles. The bed handles are used for helping people like the elderly or disabled get in and out of bed.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission explained that bed occupants using the portable handles may get trapped in the gap between the mattress and the handles if the straps used to hold the handles in place aren’t being used. Consumers who use the handles without straps are advised to contact the manufacturer to get a free safety retention strap to secure the handles to the bed frame.

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