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Illinois authorities approve tax hike to help ensure nursing home safety

Illinois state authorities have announced that they have passed a bill that will increase the bed tax that is currently on nursing homes to raise money for safety reform and then the government health care will match the money raised in taxes.

Nursing home executives and the governor have said that the increase in money will allow them to increase staffing at nursing homes, fix the long term care system and hire more state inspectors.

The bill was passed in order to try an reduce the number of violence and abuse cases in the Illinois nursing home facilities. State officials have said that 86 percent of the money collected (which is estimated to be near $290 million) will be given back to facilities.

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Illinois nursing home sued for negligence

A victim’s estate has filed a nursing home negligence suit against an Illinois nursing home. The suit complains that the nursing home employees violated the woman’s rights until her death.

The suit claims that the woman suffered a broken thigh bone and a fractured  left femur while a resident at the home. The suit states that the fracture to her femur caused her repeated pain and mental anguish.

The suit is claiming that the nursing home failed to provide adequate care and supervision. The suit also claims that the nursing home employees did not notify her doctor that her condition changed and that she was not provided with treatment from trained personnel.

Nursing home abuse can have devastating outcomes on elderly people involved, our thoughts are with the friends and family of the victim.