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‘Cooling’ effect on brain injury victims being studied in Illinois

Doctors and researchers are conducting a study in Illinois in order to see if a cooling effect can help people who have suffered from brain injuries.

The 12-month study is being done by researchers at the University of Illinois College of Medicine and is taking place in Urbana. An issue that arises when cooling the brain is how to not also cool the body’s temperature.

A doctor then team up with a NASA scientist in order to create a cooling helmet that could cool just the brain. Because people do better in cooler temperatures then when temperatures rise, doctors are hoping that this study will help to treat those who have suffered from TBIs.

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Illinois schools change rules on concussions in young athletes

The Illinois High School Associations has a new rule that is designed to protect young athletes who suffer a concussion during a sporting event. The new rule states that if a player is suspected of having a head injury, the player must be pulled from the game and can only return if a medical professional clears the student.

Student athletes may have suffered from brain injuries in the past and were allowed to go back into games if they did not show symptoms for a period of time. Concussions can be hard to diagnose because it is an injury that disrupts how the brain functions, but there is no bleeding or other physical symptom that can be seen in an MRI.

Also, if a student suffers from a concussion they are more likely to suffer from another one so it is important that you child wears the appropriate head gear and is fully recovered before playing again.

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