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Thousands of Toyota vehicles recalled in the US

Automaker Toyota has issued a third recall on 337,000 vehicles after the first two recalls failed to address a suspension problem that could cause injuries to vehicle owners, a Los Angeles Times article reported on August 12.

Toyota discovered that the rear suspension assemblies of previous RAV4 and Lexus vehicle models may fail due to rust that could build up as a result of improperly tightened suspension arm threads. If the problem occurs, drivers of the recalled vehicles may lose control of their vehicles, which can lead to accidents. Toyota recalled the vehicles in 2012 due to the unstable rear suspension then recalled them again the following year due to improperly tightened nuts in the rear wheel alignment. Toyota will notify vehicle owners so they can receive the free repair of their suspension arm unit.

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GM recalls SUVs with airbag and seat belt defects

At least 1.18 million Sports Utility Vehicles with potential airbag and seat belt issues were recalled by General Motors Co. on Monday, March 17.

The recall affects the GMC Acadia, Buick Enclave, Chevrolet Traverse, and Saturn Outlook. The airbags of the SUVs situated on the side and front could fail to work properly if the dashboard warning light is lit. The most recently recalled SUVs are among millions of other GM vehicles that have been recalled due to mechanical defects.

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Airbag defect causes Hyundai $14 million in personal injury settlement

Hyundai Motor Company was directed to pay $14 million to a Virginia family in connection with a defective side airbag system that failed to deploy, leaving their teenage son with serious brain damage.

The personal injury lawsuit was filed by the parents of Zachary Duncan on February 27, 2010 shortly after Duncan, who was aged 16 at the time, sustained a traumatic brain injury when his Hyundai Tiburon car crashed into a tree. Sources said that incorrect sensor placement prevented the side airbags from deploying, causing Duncan to hit his head on the car roof.

The Pulaski County, VA jury returned the $14 million verdict on June 28, 2013, which will provide financial support for Duncan’s lifetime care.

A spokesman for Hyundai Motor Co. said they plan to appeal the verdict.

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Toyota recalls hybrid cars with brake defects

Nearly 250,000 of Toyota’s Hybrid cars from around the world are going to recalled because of defective brakes, Toyota announced on June 5.

Despite no reports of injuries caused by the auto defect, the brake booster pump of the March-October 2009 version hybrid cars will still be subjected to a close inspection and possible replacement by Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc.,  as it could possibly cause serious accidents. According to Toyota, nitrogen gas leaking into the brake fluid was the culprit – resulting in almost 100 Prius and Lexus hybrid car drivers to complain about problems stopping their cars.

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